What to see in San Francisco

IF YOU’RE GOING TO SAN FRANCISCO   San Francisco welcomed me with refreshing, early-autumn aura, fresh air and falling leaves. After many weeks spent in the hot south of California, San Francisco reminded me that there actually was a season like autumn. Ubiquitous Victorian buildings and thicket of rising and falling steep streets added charm to […]

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TOP 5 reasons to go to Granada

Very popular spanish proverb says: “Quien no ha visto Granada, no ha visto nada”. It literally means: “Who hasn’t seen Granada, hasn’t seen anything”. Is this really true? Certainly, this Andalusian city will find both its supporters and opponents. For me, Granada is of  very special importance, because I was fortunate to live there for […]

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Things you should know before you go to Marrakech

Marrakech is called the Red City. That name derives from red ocher pigment, which adorns most of the buildings in the city. Like all Moroccan cities – Marrakech is divided into two parts: the ancient Medina and the colonial one – the Ville Nouvelle, built by the French in the mid-twentieth century. Each part has […]

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The best beaches of the Algarve in Portugal

I love beaches. I promised myself that one day I will have a house on the ocean. In this environment I feel the happiest. I am a visual person, and the sight of golden sand and endless ocean feeds my sense of aesthetics. As far as the beaches are concerned, I have high expectations – and all […]

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