Traveling solo – practical advice

Before you set off on a solitary journey, it’s good idea to take certain precations. This will increase your sense of security, but also make the time spent in travel more pleasant. What are my practical advice for traveling solo?




Try to get to know local people.


No one will show you around like native inhabitants. Take advantage of your social network! Use Facebook, ask your close friends if they have any acquiantances in a city where you plan to go. Use Couchsurfing – not necessarily in search of accommodation. Very often CS users are eager to show trvelers around their city, go for a coffee or a drink.


Stay in hostels.


Most of the people staying in hostels are very open to new friendships. And who get along together better than two travellers? Moreover, hostel staff often organize activities for their guests – city tours, bike tours, barbecues, themed evenings, parties. Take advatnage!


Lightweight backack is a MUST!


When travelling alone the key is to be mobile. No one will carry your backpack, nor will repack part of your heavy luggage. And believe me – there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to keep on going just because due to heavy backpack.


Duplicate your documents.


I don’t have tendency to assume the worst, but I never wanted to end up somewhere at the end of the world without any identity documents and possibility to go home. Just remeber to take a photo or scan all your documents. Then send them by e-mail to someone close and to yourself.


Bring something to read.


I usually associate the cities that I’m visiting with certain books. You may ask – when will you have time to read? Well, there will be plenty of opportunities. On the beach, during morning coffee, while traveling by train or bus. Choose a thematic book. Are you going to Naples? You can’t miss the Elena Ferrante series. Are you going to Switzerland? Be sure to familiarize yourself with Thomas Mann’s “Magic Mountain”. New Zealand? Eleanor Catton – “Luminaries” is highly recommended.  Barcelona? Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s “The shadow of the Wind” is mandatory. South of Spain? – my latest discovery – “The Muse” by Jessie Burton.




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